Tour Sumba

Sumba is a quite remote island in Indonesia, unlike other islands with steep volcanoes, Sumba landscape is quite low and the terrain rather limestone hills. Many people in Sumba still practice its ancient culture, one of the few places in the world where megalithic burials are used as a 'living tradition' to inter prominent individuals when they die. Sumba has a semi-arid climate. Especially the east of the island is characterized by the hot north-Australian climate.

Sumba Highlights

Sumba has a very unique landscape like Wairinding Savanna or Walakiri Beach, Lapopu Waterfalls etc. But actually Sumba well known for its Traditional Villages, Traditional Market, Ceremonies and another long-lasting tradition is the sometimes lethal game of Pasola, in which teams of often several hundred horse-riders fight with spears.Pasola is an annual event that held on Februry and March in Southwest of the island.

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